Safety Rules


  1. All tractors are required to be inspected before the first pulling event begins, to ensure tractors meet all safety rules. If tractor is found to be in violation of safety rules, it will be determined if tractor is safe to participate in event. Unsafe appearing tractors (including those with missing/broken parts) won’t be allowed to pull. All violations must be corrected before tractor can participate in future events or before placing in payoff/points. After tractor is inspected and conforms to all safety related rules, a numbered safety inspection tag will be issued which signifies that tractor is legal for current season. Inspection tag will have name/ ID number per tractor and should be entered on all registration forms. Name and ID numbers/stickers should be no smaller than 1 1/2 inches high and are recommended to be put on both sides of tractor. Names of tractors should be in good taste or you may be asked to remove  or change the name.
  2. Approved Sema, Snell or DOT helmet required in ALL classes. Kill switches, and dead man throttles are required for drivers in all classes, except off lawn. Kill switch must be easily accessible, above tractor hook point and within 6 inches of tractor centerline to shut down engine to prevent accident. The throttle mechanism can be operated by hand or foot with rear-most position being idle and must return to idle after being released.
  3. All tractors, except Hydro driven tractors and worm gear drive transaxle tractors must be hand pushed back to sled for hooking. If motor is running, driver must be on seat, with hands/feet free of controls while tractor is hooked. Seats must have a minimum 3 inch high back.
  4. Wheelie bars are mandatory in all classes. Device must be made of two separate sections, one on each side at rear of tractor. Each device must be rigid mounted and equipped with skid plates/wheels at ground contact point. Skid plates must be at least three inches wide and three inches long (nine square inches) or wheels shall be at least one inch wide and four inches in diameter. Wheels/skid plates are to be at least five inches behind face of rear tires and no more than five inches above ground. The combination of both wheelie bars must be strong enough to support entire weight of driver and tractor when tractor is raised with a jack. No spring-loaded anti-tip devices are allowed. If no functional wheelie bars, tractor will be red flagged immediately when front wheels come up.
  5. Stock Altered, Pro/Super Stock, Sport Stock, Open/Unlimited, and Mini Rods are required to fully enclose fly wheels, clutches, and chains 360 degrees with a minimum 1/8 inch thick steel or equivalent. Flywheels and starter pulleys made of steel and aluminum, no cast iron or cast aluminum. All pulleys and belts must be shielded at least width of pulley with a .060 thick steel or equivalent. No welded flywheel fins or stamped steel pulleys are allowed. Starter pulleys must have a retaining device to prevent pulley from coming off crankshaft. U-joints used in drivelines must be shielded 360 degrees with 1/4 inch thick aluminum or 1/8 inch steel.
  6. Weights and brackets: Weights not to extend more than 8 feet from center of rear axle. Rear: Furthest part of weights should not exceed 24 inches beyond centerline of rear axle. Front: Sliding front weight bracket should be retractable when not pulling for safety reasons. Wheel weight rods: Should not extend more than 6 inches beyond outer edge of wheel rim. Weights Must Be Secure/Anything Lost During Pull Means Disqualification.
  7. Approved fuel for off lawn shall be clear pump gas with no additives. For all other classes, approved fuel is  diesel, #110 octane racing fuel or methanol alcohol without additives. E85, nitro oxide and all forms of nitro methane, propylene oxide are illegal fuels and offensive exhaust odors are prohibited in  ALL classes. Fuel tank shutoffs are required in all classes – No pressurized fuel tanks.
  8. Fire suits are mandatory in all classes except Off Lawn, Diesel & Stock Altered classes. Recommended that ALL drivers wear non-flammable (No polyester) long sleeve shirts, long pants, gloves and closed toe shoes. No tank/halter tops- No shorts/Capri-No sandals.
  9. All tractors except off lawn are required to have a fire extinguisher mounted in reach of driver. Must be minimum of 2 3/4 lb. dry chemical or equivalent (ABC rated). If a fire occurs, tractor can be disqualified.